Representing Patients with
Thymic Cancers in the UK

  • ThymicUK works to provide information and support for those affected by Thymic Cancers in the UK.
  • Help us to improve research and the treatments available for Thymic cancers in the United Kingdom.

ThymicUK is a registered charity established by patients with thymic cancers, their carers, and families and friends.

Our purposes are to provide support, advocate and share information, facilitate research and ultimately to improve the treatments available for these rare cancers in the United Kingdom. Through these endeavours ThymicUK hopes to increase the overall survival and quality of life of patients with thymic cancers.

We do not offer medical advice but we have an active Facebook group where experiences and information can be shared and we hold regular virtual and face to face meetings. ThymicUK is supported by The British Thoracic Oncology Group

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    Help shape future research

    Our goal is for more research to go into possible treatments for thymic cancers.  We can help researchers by providing the information they need.

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    My Story With Anxiety and Depression

    I haven’t had cancer, but i’ve always had anxiety.  I have suffered the withdrawal, depression and concourse of negive thoughts that often come with it.   And like so many people, I have been affected by cancer. My name is Oliver. My father Andrew was a founding member of ThymicUK and […]

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    Heidrun’s Story

    I struggled to write my carer’s story… a lot. How could I put into words what feels like a roller-coaster ride on a bare metal seat with half the anchoring bolts missing? I am not even the patient, and I have near-fainted twice in difficult appointments. I am supposed to […]

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    Thymus gland cancers are cancers which start in the thymus gland located in the chest between the lungs. Cancers of the thymus gland are rare. The majority of such cancers are called thymomas.

    There is also a much rarer form of thymus gland cancer called thymic carcinoma.

    Thymomas and thymic carcinomas are cancers of the cells (called epithelial cells) that line the thymus gland.

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