UK Specialists

UK Specialists

We have listed below the nurses, oncologists and surgeons in the UK who are familiar with our group, ThymicUK, and who, based on our knowledge, have a specialist interest and experience in treating patients with thymoma and/or thymic carcinoma. This list is not intended to be exhaustive and as a patient it is of primary importance that you have confidence in your medical team.

Do not hesitate to ask your oncologist, and surgeon if you have one, what experience they have in treating patients with thymic cancers – it is ok to do that. And it is also acceptable to ask for a second opinion if you feel that would assist you in making the right treatment decisions for you.

Specialist Nurses

Marrika Colvin, Guy’s Hospital Cancer Centre, London

Marie Eaton, The Christie, Manchester


Dr David Gilligan, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge –

Prof. Sanjay Popat, Royal Marsden Hospital, London

Dr Yvonne Summers, The Christie, Manchester


Mr Alan Kirk, Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Glasgow

Mr Andrea Bille, Guy’s Hospital, London