Active research into the understanding and treatment of thymic cancers is ongoing and advances are made. However, given how few patients there are (due to the rarity of these cancers) it can be difficult to run the size and type of clinical trials required to support regulatory approval of new medicines, making progress slow. There have been a small number of clinical trials in the UK and some of which patients in our community have participated in.

Your oncologist should be aware of any trials that might be relevant to you. If we become aware of any new trials opening up, we will share that information and you can discuss with your oncologist whether you are suitable to participate in the trial and the risks/benefits involved.

One of our ambitions is to help facilitate research into thymic cancers through identifying patients in the UK who are willing in principle to share their medical information with research organisations solely for research purposes and with the appropriate consents. Patients can sign up by sending a message on our contact page.