Raise Awareness

Raise Awareness

Distribute a ThymicUK Leaflet

We have created a 6-sided leaflet to help raise awareness and provide some essential information on what thymic cancers are, how they are found, how they are treated, as well as what additional support is available.

These flyers are suitable for health organisations, hospitals, GP surgeries and more..

The leaflet can be printed from the image below.

The leaflet can be ordered for free below..

To download the flyers click/tap on the download button, the curved arrow in the upper right corner, and then “Download Image”.  

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* Subject to stocks and approval.  Can be dispatched only to UK addresses.  Please only order if you or your organisation resides in the United Kingdom.

Share the ThymicUK Infographic

The following informational graphic was produced by ThymicUK to help raise awareness of thymic cancers among doctors, clinicians and the general public.

The infographic shares: Data on thymic cancers, the 3 main types, how thymic cancers are discovered, their causes and conditions they are linked with.

You can download the image to your computer, share on social media or on your website.

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Thymic Cancer Awareness Infographic

Purchase a ThymicUK Awareness Ribbon or Badge

Show your support for people affected by thymic cancers and help raise awareness by wearing the ThymicUK ribbon or badge.  Free delivery in the UK.

Start a Fundraiser

A fundraiser for ThymicUK can not only help raise money that we can use to help push for more research, better treatments and awareness but the simple act of running the fundraiser also helps to highlight thymic cancers to those who have never heard of them.

Fundraising ideas and how to fundraise for ThymicUK