Search for Trials With New British Tool Clinical Net

Search for Trials With New British Tool Clinical Net

With the ability to find “the most suitable clinical trial in less than 5 minutes”, the website Clinical Net, created by a UK firm, makes it easy to search from over 400,000 trials around the world and over 60,000 that are actively recruiting (figures accurate July 18th 2023).

A unique and ground-breaking tool Born after 12+ years working on academic research and drug development in oncology and experiencing the limitations and inefficiencies of clinical drug development”.

Clinical Net Responsive View


Committed to making clinical trials widely accessible

Clinical Net is committed to “Creating a worldwide central platform with an orchestrated set of solutions to bring ground-breaking therapeutic options quicker to humankind.”

You can view an introductory video showing what it is, and how it works below:

Access for patients, improved trial recruitment and success rate, reduced costs and accelerated time associated with drug development.

Clinical Net is developing a platform designed to digitalise and automate clinical trial processes in order to facilitate access for patients, improve trial recruitment and success rate, and ultimately reduce costs and accelerate time associated with drug development.”  You can read more about Clinical Net, their background and aims on their about page.


Register to the Clinical Net website and start searching for available clinical trials for free now.


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