ThymicUK Patient Meeting – May 2023 | An Overview

ThymicUK Patient Meeting – May 2023 | An Overview

We were pleased to hold a successful face-to-face meeting at Guy’s Cancer Centre in London last week.  It was the first in-person meeting since 2019 and COVID.  Members of ThymicUK found the talks from allied health professionals insightful and helpful; and a valuable social chat among fellow patients of thymic malignancies followed thereafter.  It was great to see several new members, and active discussions from the participants, supporting one another and helping several of our members to not feel so alone and isolated.

Transcripts from the two speakers: A Guy’s Cancer Centre physiotherapist and dietician should be available in the coming days.


Thymic Cancer Social Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended and everyone who helped to make the day a success.  We hope to hold more support meetings in other parts of the country in the coming year.

For now here is an overview of the content and some helpful resources recommended by the Cancer Centre dietician and physiotherapist. Unfortunately, the occupational therapist was unable to attend due to illness.


The talks included:

  • This is the best type of diet to follow for those experiencing Thymic cancer
  • Tips for poor appetite/weight loss
  • Advice for taste changes
  • Recommendations on supplements
  • How much exercise and the types of exercise to do
  • Tips for breathlessness and more


Recommended resources from the dietician

World Cancer Research Fund

Authoritative research and advice on diet and cancer.


NHS Eat Well Guide 

Recommended diet for people with Thymic cancers (from the NHS).


BDA Food Facts (British Dietetic Association)

Facts and advice on everything from no gluten to no wheat, cows milk, skin health, snacking and more, written by dieticians.


19 Diet and Cancer Videos (from The Royal Surrey Dieticians on YouTube)

The videos are around 2 minutes each and include topics such as:

  • What to eat if you don’t feel like eating
  • What to eat if you are losing weight
  • What to eat if you are constipated
  • What to eat if the food doesn’t taste right
  • Should I avoid any foods?


Recommended Resources from the Physiotherapist


Royal Marsden Exercise at Home Videos

3 progressive exercise circuits and a stretching session designed by their oncology exercise team.


NHS Exi App

“A science-backed exercise prescription”, tailored to your own comfortable intensity, helping to gradually increase your intensity week after week.

Search “NHS Exi” on the App Store or Google Play Store or visit the below links:

Apple IOS –

Google Android –


Couch to Fitness App

A phone app to help you get active from the comfort of your own home. Suitable for all fitness levels.  Features a 9 week program with three 30-minute sessions per week, exactly the minimum amount of exercise recommended by physiotherapists for those with Thymic cancer (and the general population for that matter).


Cancer Care Map

A comprehensive map of emotional, medical, health and wellbeing (including exercise and diet) and practical services (such as employment and financial support) across the country, simply search in your local area.

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