ThymicUK – Our First Year in Review

ThymicUK – Our First Year in Review

As we enter into 2022 here’s a new year message and look back at what ThymicUK has achieved this past year.

Since January 2021 ThymicUK transitioned from being a support group to a registered charity! A big achievement and important recognition for our cause to improve the lives of those affected by thymic cancers in the UK.

In the first year as a charity, ThymicUK has been overwhelmed by the support from group members, their families, and friends.

We are now able to fundraise and receive donations. A very generous first donation by a group member enabled us to produce our ThymicUK awareness badges and ribbons, which many of you have already ordered from our online shop.

All of this helps us to put our aims into action.

ThymicUK to launch an awareness campaign in 2022

One of the primary goals for 2022 is to launch a larger awareness campaign reaching clinicians and members of the public.  The hope for this campaign is to help improve diagnosis, push for more research and better access to medicines. It’s not a short or easy process, but we are determined to make a difference.


Forming a special interest group in 2022

Prior to the pandemic, we had been working with The British Thoracic Oncology Group (BTOG) to form a national Specialist Interest Group (SIG) made up of health care professionals with experience treating thymic cancer patients.

The purpose of the SIG would be to review cases submitted to them from doctors with limited knowledge of the disease for guidance. Paused by the pandemic, a meeting has now been planned to reconvene the group in the new year. None of this would be possible without our trustees, Heidrun Bien, Oliver Neely and Marrika Colvin. Sadly, Ruth Priestly had to resign as a trustee earlier this year due to family commitments. Ruth we will be forever grateful for all the time and work you have put into ThymicUK.

We have had many new members to the group this year and it has been lovely to meet some of you at the virtual meetings. Sharing our experiences is so helpful for all of us and we will continue with our virtual meetings until a time when it is safe to meet in person.I wish you all a happy new year full of promise and good health.Stay safe and well.

Karen Ruddock

Chair, ThymicUK

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