Lucien’s Legacy Fundraiser | £6,200 Raised for ThymicUK & Cancer52

An incredible fundraising event has taken place in honour of Lucien seller, who sadly passed away in 2021 at the age of 25.

Lucien worked at a trampoline park in Cardiff, and on May 28th two of these parks held a fundraiser in his memory.  It was a day of celebration for his life among colleagues, and fundraising from ticket sales.

50% of ticket sales at Buzz Parks Cardiff and Swansea were donated to the fundraiser.  In addition to taking tickets for the trampoline parks, staff helped to raise further money with a cake sale, raffle, TikTok incentives and more.

A total of £6,200 was raised between the raffle, park takings and donations including the Just Giving page. The money raised will be donated to Cancer52 and ThymicUK.

In addition to this, 3 very kind individuals donated £520 to ThymicUK. The fundraiser was held at where Lucien worked.

Rhys, Lucien’s Fiance said “Cancer 52 aims to improve outcomes for patients with rare cancers, which now account for 55% of UK cancer deaths.” Lucien had an exceptionally rare cancer (Thymic Mucinous Adenocarcinoma)

Rhys, Luciens Fiance said on the Just Giving page: “Despite the poor prognosis and no defined treatments available for his cancer my God did he fight hard! I’ve never seen anyone so determined, brave and strong about beating it.”

Buzz Parks general manager: Paul Sheppard told “In Your Area” magazine:

“How many of us can truly say that we got to work with our best friend. He was committed and cared about the business and the people in it.  But it was the way he touched people’s lives that means he will never be forgotten, he left good friends behind.”


We’d like to take the opportunity to wholeheartedly thank everyone who donated, and those who donated very generous sums to the fundraiser.  Thank you to Paul Sheppard and everyone at Buzz Parks in Cardiff and Swansea.

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